Upholstery, and Sew On

In the early 80's, after being widowed in 1979, I attended Fanshawe College. After 3 years of night school while raising 3 children on my own, I obtained certification in Upholstery. Our classes had about 20 participants and were all hands on, as we were able to bring in projects of our own desire, in which we learned different techniques on all types of projects.

Furniture restoration, fabrics, operating industrial sewing machines, sergers and tools of the trade were part of our training. Repairs and maintenance of the machines, tensions, thread quality and types were also taught. Over the last few decades the technical department has been removed and an apprenticeship program was added.

Night school at Fanshawe College was a fantastic opportunity for learning, where I also achieved my Certification in Floral and Fashion Design.

A hairstylist by trade, I am still active with my career and enjoy the diversity of skills I have learned.